Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions…

I’m new to couponing…where do I start?
Check out the START HERE page to begin your couponing journey.

How do you save 50-70% off your grocery bill every week?
Through simple planning, stockpiling, and couponing I am able to save an abundance every week.  I’ve been couponing for a few years and have a ton of experience; I didn’t get to saving 70% on a grocery bill over night.  It takes time, focus, energy, and great organizational skills to be able to save over 50% every week on your grocery bill. Read my detailed post HERE.

Help me understand the coupon terminology.
We wrote this Coupon Lingo post to help you understand what we are saying.

Where can I find the grocery store coupon policies?
Each store has its own coupon policy. We focus on the grocery stores located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Here are the coupon policies for the stores we focus on: Safeway, CityMarketAlbertsons Market, Target, and Walmart.

How do I find a coupon for a specific product?
The fastest way to find a specific coupon is to go to our coupon database, search for the item, and then print the coupon.

How do I find a deal for a particular store?
On the right side of the header there is a search box.  Type in the name of the store and it will pull up all posts related to that store.

Where can I get multiple copies of coupons?
The easiest way to get multiple copies of coupons is to order multiple newspaper subscriptions, order coupons from a clipping service, ask your neighbors for their Sunday Newspaper Coupons, go dumpster diving in your local newspaper recycle bin, or ask restaurants for the leftover newspaper coupons after Sunday Brunch is over.

How do I organize my coupons?
There are 2 main ways to organize coupons.  In a box or a binder.

Can I let you know about a deal I found?
Yes!  Simply fill out the contact form.  If we find the coupon, deal or bargain to be relevant to CouponFocused.com we will post it with a link back to your site (if applicable).

What’s the best way to submit a guest post?
We will only accept guest posts that are relevant to coupons, deals, money saving tips, and income earning ideas.  Guest posts must be original content and less than 500 words. Email your guest post to eve@couponfocused.com and include your full name, URL, post title, body of the post, any images, and a short bio about yourself.

Can I copy posts from your blog and share them on my blog?
We encourage you to share the coupons, deals and bargains you find here on your blog, website, or social media page and then provide a link back to CouponFocused.com.  When sharing articles please only use a paragraph and suggest that the read go to CouponFocused.com to view the rest of the article.  For other questions, please email me at eve@couponfocused.com. Thank you!