REI Garage Sale in Grand Junction

REI in Grand Junction

REI Garage Sales are a great opportunity to pick-up some gently used items at very low prices. At the REI Grand Junction location there is typically 2-3 rounds of products that the staff puts outside on tables. When you arrive the morning of the sale you will be given a raffle ticket. This ticket will win you freebies, but it is also your ticket into the sale area. The staff will call out numbers 0-9 and if that is the last number of your ticket you are able to go shop. To make it fair for the second round they will call the numbers in opposite order. Once you find the products you want to purchase you take them into the store and purchase them.

MARCH 2013 –┬áREI will be SELLING USED GEAR every SATURDAY through the month of March! No need to arrive early as we will be continuously doling out the goods all day long. Get in here! Not a member? Ask a REI sales specialist about joining when you stop in.

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