In-N-Out Crossed Palm Trees


Did you know that almost every In-N-Out Burger Restaurant has 2 real palm trees out front that form an “X”. They started the crossed palm trees theme in 1972. According to, “One of founder Harry Snyder’s favorite movies, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, features characters racing to find treasure buried under four palm trees planted to resemble the letter W. Because each In-N-Out store is Harry’s treasure, a tradition of planting crossed palm trees in front of most In-N-Out locations begins.

How to Save Money on Travel

We all love to go on vacation and save money in the process! Have you ever considered using a travel agent? Here are 3 great reasons to use a travel agent to help you book your vacation…

1. Savings – Travel Agents have access to unpublished low fares and many travel incentives. You will pay less and get more! Most travel agencies do not charge a fee for their services.

2. Expertise – Whether you want to experience diverse cultures and learn about their history or if you just want to relax and get away from it all travel agents know exactly where to send you. With a travel agent you have someone who will go to bat for you should the unexpected happen.

3. Convenience – Travel agents can save you hours of scouring the internet to try to find the perfect destination. They have a wealth of travel experience and insider resources at their finger tips. Time is valuable; let them do the hard work for you!

Happy Easter!


Today we celebrate the day that Jesus was raised from the dead! It is a day to remember that there is hope for a better life! All you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart and start on a brand new journey!

I sit here and ponder what it must have been like back in Jesus’ day. All those who believed that He was the son of God must have been devastated to learn of His death. That is a lot like life today. When we look at our life from our own eyes everything can seem like it is in chaos and that there is no end in sight. But if you trust in God, you can rest in peace knowing that He can see the bigger picture. Jesus was raised from the dead 3 days later and brought HOPE to the world. We have hope knowing that we will one day live an eternal life with Him.

“Look at the nations and watch–and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5

Ask and it Will be Given to You

Las Vegas Strip Picture

Over the Christmas Holiday my husband and I stayed a night in Las Vegas. We stayed at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Upon check-in we asked if we could be upgraded and to our surprise we were told “YES”. We went from a standard room to a Panorama Suite complete with a hot tub and amazing view. “Ask and it will be given to you” Matthew 7:7

Divide and Multiply your Portions

Today I headed over to Alberton’s and took advantage of the Chicken Breasts buy 1, get 2 free deal. Overall I paid $11.65 for 7 lbs of chicken ($1.66/lb).

There were a total of 9 breasts, meaning each one weighed .75 lbs! That equates out to 12 ounces. The recommended serving size for chicken is only 3 ounces. That means one of these chicken breasts should feed a family of 4.

Cut back your portions and lower your dinner bill, by cutting the chicken breasts into halves or fourths before sticking them in your freezer. When it comes time to cook dinner they will be easier to thaw and you have already done portion control!

Blog Update

Eve Roberts Picture

You may have noticed a lack of posts during the last week; that is because I have been on vacation.  My husband and I have been saving for the last few months and were able to finally afford a Southern Caribbean cruise!  It was great to have some relaxing time off but now it is back to reality and my normal routine of posts.

While we were stopped over in Puerto Rico I was able to stop by a grocery store and snag some Spanish Coupons.  ¡Me encanta cupones!

Happy New Year!

2012 Blog

2012 is here! I am excited to bring you the best coupons & deals all year long! My goal is to help you save money on groceries, restaurants, apparel, movies, and the other items you purchase every day.

If you are new to then I recommend starting with these popular articles:

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3 Must Have Grocery & Coupon Apps + 8 more

These apps will make your life so much easier and will save you money! If you are out shopping & don’t have a coupon for an item you can quickly look on these apps, find a coupon, and then load it to your rewards card. These apps are based on availability for the iphone in the Apple App Store.

GroceryIQThis is my all time favorite app! It is a glorified shopping list that can be shared with members of your family. My husband & I both have this app; if he adds an item to the list it shows up on my same list. My favorite features include:

  • Ability to scan a product and have it added to your list
  • Create a shopping list for different stores
  • Add details to each product such as quantity, desc, or weight
  • Sort the list by grocery store aisle
  • Add available coupons to your list.

Coupons.comThis app allows you to add coupons to your grocery store rewards card & you can physically print coupons from this app. Most coupons allow you to print 2 per computer & your phone counts as a computer!

CellFire – This app allows you to add coupons to your rewards cards & most of these coupons are different then those on To use this app first add in your grocery store rewards cards. Once you add a coupon via the app you have to wait 10 minutes before you can use it.

Other apps worth mentioning… [Read more…]

My Weekly Goals

Impossible Goals

I love having written goals to help me prioritize my week. I always print them out so they are constantly in my face. I believe that if they are “in sight” they will be “in mind”.

Last weeks goals:

Personal Goals

1. Read: Great by Choice by Jim Collins.  See book review here.
2. Decorate for Christmas & put up Christmas Lights
3. Start looking for cheap hotels to book for our vacation in January
4. Cancel my old health insurance.

Home Management Goals
5. Move my office from our bedroom to our now freed-up spare room.
6. Keep up on laundry this week & put away all the clean clothes from last week.

Business Goals
7. Work with my husband to layout home page & side widgets on his new mountain biking blog.
8. Write 2 blog posts for I have decided to put this site up for sale. I no longer have the time to keep it updated.
9. Write a blog post on my favorite grocery/coupon apps. Check back next Thursday to read this post.

This Weeks Goals:

Personal Goals

1. Read: ProBlogger by Chris Garrett & Darren Rowse.

2. Read: Pick Another Checkout Lane Honey by Joanie Demer & Heather Wheeler.

3. Start looking for cheap hotels to book for our vacation in January

4. Finish purchasing all Christmas gifts.

Home Management Goals

5. Move my office from our bedroom to our now freed-up spare room.

6. Keep up on laundry this week & put away all the clean clothes from last week.

7. Purchase a shower head extension for our new shower. We are in the process of a remodel.

Business Goals

8. Work with my husband to layout home page & side widgets on his new mountain biking blog.

9. Connect WordPress to Facebook via plugin.

10. Write a blog post on “How to Know What is a Good Price?”

BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL by the end of the year

1. Triple my monthly page views & Facebook fan likes.
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What are your goals for the week?

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Image

Happy Monday! Is is starting off as a slow day in the coupon & deal world, but as soon as awesome deals come I will let you know about them.

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