3 Must Have Grocery & Coupon Apps + 8 more

These apps will make your life so much easier and will save you money! If you are out shopping & don’t have a coupon for an item you can quickly look on these apps, find a coupon, and then load it to your rewards card. These apps are based on availability for the iphone in the Apple App Store.

GroceryIQThis is my all time favorite app! It is a glorified shopping list that can be shared with members of your family. My husband & I both have this app; if he adds an item to the list it shows up on my same list. My favorite features include:

  • Ability to scan a product and have it added to your list
  • Create a shopping list for different stores
  • Add details to each product such as quantity, desc, or weight
  • Sort the list by grocery store aisle
  • Add available Coupons.com coupons to your list.

Coupons.comThis app allows you to add coupons to your grocery store rewards card & you can physically print coupons from this app. Most coupons allow you to print 2 per computer & your phone counts as a computer!

CellFire – This app allows you to add coupons to your rewards cards & most of these coupons are different then those on coupons.com. To use this app first add in your grocery store rewards cards. Once you add a coupon via the app you have to wait 10 minutes before you can use it.

Other apps worth mentioning…

Kroger Grocery Store – I love this app because I can load coupons to my rewards card while I am shopping in the store and see the coupons I have already added to my card. The coupons offered are different from Cell Fire & Coupons.com. You are also able to view the weekly grocery ad and see how many gas points you have available. (Do a search to see if an app is available for your grocery store)

Walmart – This app features a Value of the Day button, so you can see the one item that Walmart is featuring today.


Target – This app also features a Deal of the Day button, however,  it is a little hard to find. First go to “Featured” and then scroll down to “Deal of the Day”. Click that button and then you will see what is featured today.

Walgreens – This app is very well put together. It features a mobile coupon that can only be found on this app. You can also quickly refill prescriptions by conveniently scanning the medicine. It also features the weekly ad.

Coupon Clipper AppCoupon Clippers – This app offers deals for local restaurants & retailers. I like this app because you can find deals for some mom & pop shops. However, it only seems to have coupons for larger cities.

Savings StarThis is another coupon app that allows you to load coupons to your savings card, but instead of seeing the savings instantly you receive a check for the amount of coupons you used once your account reaches $5. The good things about SavingStar is that they occasionally offer different coupons from all other services.

Coupon Sherpa – Lists the current deals for large retailers such as Gap, Hobby Lobby, and Kohls. They also have grocery coupons that you can load to your rewards card, but they are exactly the same as the cell fire coupons.

Coupon Policy AppCoupon Policy – Lists the coupon policies for most grocery, retail, and drug stores. This is a very quick & convenient way to view the policies when you are on the go.

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