Albertsons Market Coupon Policy

Albertsons Stores are not all created equal. The Albertsons store that I post about in this blog relates to the Albertsons Market LLC, which covers Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas.  The deals and prices can very from state to state and store to store; it depends on the manager and cashier.

I feel that Albertsons has the highest prices out of all the grocery stores. However, they do run some great deals.  I recommend only shopping here for the deals and do your normal grocery shopping else where. This is the coupon policy based on the Grand Junction, Colorado Albertsons on Broadway.

  • Albertsons does NOT have a store reward card. You will automatically receive all sale prices.
  • They do not double coupons everyday like Safeway or City Market. Periodically they will have an ad in their newspaper insert which states it is a double or triple coupon week (read the fine print to see how much they will double up to).
  • They do not like to take more than 3-like coupons, but it is dependent upon the cashier not their computer system.
  • Albertsons does not allow coupons that exceed the value of the item you are purchasing. If a coupon is for more than the value of the product, their system will not let them markdown the coupon value. One of 3 scenarios might happen if you present them with this situation. 1. They will refuse to take the coupon. 2. They can markup the product to allow you to get the full value of the coupon. 3. They will give you the face value of the coupon which results in an overage.  It is dependent on the cashier.
  • Albertsons will occasionally put out a $10 of a purchase of $100 or more. The $100 amount is after all coupons and discounts have been applied.
  • If you bring your own bag they offer a $0.05 discount per bag.