Clipping for a Cause in Grand Junction, Colorado

Want to use coupons to support others? Here is a great local company that you can help support…

Clipping for a Cause is a non-profit organization entirely devoted to financially supporting troops across the world. We are a branch of Coupons to Troops and Coups for Troops. We all strive for one goal, supporting those who fight for our freedom.

We joined Coups for Troops in late 2011 and quickly became a drop-off site. All we had to do was ship coupons to centers that organized them for us. As of July 4, 2012 we became a satellite location. This means we took a big step up in the military coupon program. We now receive coupons from all over the U.S. We are the only location in Colorado-Utah that runs a program like this so we decided to branch off and start Clipping for a Cause. In addition to sending coupons we always give the option of receiving comic’s and\or a useful printout of websites for troops.

So now onto what it is we do. Commissaries overseas accept coupons up to SIX months expired. So we receive coupons and send them overseas to families that request them. The only coupons we can use are MANUFACTURER. NO TARGET, NO WALMART, NO WALGREEN’S, NO Restaurants, etc… In addition to expired coupons we can always use non-expired coupons as well because we have now started to support bases in the states.

We receive coupons on a daily basis the mail. All we ask people wanting to donate to do is send them to us they can be cut or uncut. We then take care of the rest.

Anyone interested in donating can send them to:

Clipping for a Cause
1721 N. 20th St.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

My mom is an Air Force brat so she understands the process of buying in the military. However her family never had the option of coupons so she knows just how much it helps troops when they can save as much money as possible.

We hope to see coupons starting to roll in from the Grand Valley and surrounding areas. Until then we have a Facebook page and Twitter account for all the updates.

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