Restaurant Impossible comes to Colorado

In Oct 2011, I heard on the radio that a Food Network star was pulled over by a cop in Fruita, CO.  It turns out the poor driving skills were due to filming & forgetting some lines. I did some research and this is why they were in Colorado…

Sullivan’s Grill in Fruita, CO has been struggling to keep the doors open, but then owner Ginny Sullivan applied to be on the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” and now her dreams of turning her restaurant around are turning into a reality.

Robert Irvine and the Food Network team transformed her restaurant in 2 days with $10k. Sullivan’s Grill was located at 229 E. Aspen, Fruita, CO 81521.

As of January 2013, we are sad to announce that Sullivan’s Grill was not able to stay in business. They have shut their doors. The business is for sale including all of the great work that Robert Irvine and his team put into this restaurant.


  1. Sorry to see you are selling, I was so rooting for you, I cried during a good part of the show. Good luck and things will get better!!!

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